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Watermelon & Lime Popsicles

Continuing with my (delayed) summer popsicle series (I have a toddler now, getting some alone time with my computer is not easy). BUT that's why I love this recipe, it's 2 ingredients & requires minimal effort which is ideal in the heat. They're also incredibly delicious, Havana asks for them daily. All you need is...

2 cups of cubed watermelon

1/2 fresh squeezed lime

*makes 4 popsicles

Blend the watermelon and lime in a food processor until finely chopped/chunky. Pour into a popsicle mould & freeze until frozen through! See how easy that is?

Aunty Angie is all about some watermelon in the summer, it's 92% water so a perfect way to help keep you & your loved ones hydrated. Watermelon also contains lycopene and other plant compounds like cucurbitacin E that may help reduce your risk of cancer. It's also filled with heart-healthy components like citrulline so you can serve these summer treats knowing you're providing healthy nutrients for your little one (& big ones, aka your partner).

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