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Plantain Fritters

I didn't eat much plantain until I met my husband. Being Congolese, plantain was a staple food for him growing up and it's now a staple in our household! I love a good ol' fried plantain, but once I started experimenting with them a bit I realized there's so much you can utilize them in and voila, the plantain fritter was created! You really don't need much for this recipe but one key thing you want is a ripe plantain (just like a banana), the browner, the better!

2 plantains

1 egg

2 tbps of chickpea flour

a sprinkle of salt

a sprinkle of garlic powder

Mash the plantain using a fork (or if you're like me you just get in there with your hands). Then add the egg, chickpea flour, salt and garlic powder and mix. The mixture will be a little runny (not like soup) and that's how we want it. Use a tablespoon to evenly drop the mixture in the hot pan (I fry 3 at a time so the pan isn't crowded). Then shallow fry in olive oil for about 4 minutes on each side until golden brown and you're done!

For Havana I break it up and serve it as a side or just give her the whole fritter as a little snack! I personally love them for breakfast with a fried egg on top and a dash of hot sauce. There's something about that sweet & spicy combo that screams perfection.

Plantains are full of nutrition that our bodies need, which is why Aunty Angie loves them! They're an excellent source of potassium which is one of the most important electrolytes in the body. They're rich in pectin which is a soluble fiber that helps promote regularity and they provide iron & vitamin c (just to name a few!). So overall a great addition to any diet, especially a little one's!

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