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Onion & Mushroom Spring Rolls

I am sucker for any kind of spring roll, dumpling, samosa... you name it. Anytime we order take out I load up on the spring rolls, so of course my love for them would pass onto my daughter cause this girl is all about a spring roll too. Now even though these tasty, crispy little bites are deep-fried (honestly, it's the only way to do them, I tried baking them and it's not the same). You can still fill them with nutritious goodness! I love the combination of garlicky mushrooms with fresh onions and ginger so I combined some of my favorite flavors for the filling and these bad boys were created! Perfect for a side dish or just a little nibble during the day...

spring roll/dumpling wrappers (i usually end up freezing half of them for later use)

8-10 mushrooms (i use cremini but whatever your preference is)

1/4 white onion

1/2 red onion

1/2 bunch of chopped green onion

3-4 chopped garlic cloves

1 tsp of grated ginger

1/4 cup of chopped cilantro

olive oil (to cook in)

vegetable oil (to fry in)

2 tbsp of sesame oil (add more or less depending on your taste)

2 tbsp of hoisin sauce (add more or less depending on your taste)

2 tbsp of soy sauce (add more or less depending on your taste)

In a frying pan add your olive oil, white onion, red onion, mushrooms, garlic and ginger and sauté until soft (about 4-5 min on low-med heat). Add to your food processor along with the rest of your ingredients and pulse until blended. You don't want a paste but you want everything finely chopped and blended together.

Now you're ready to roll these bad boys, they don't need to be perfect or uniform, this is home cooking. Place 1 tsp of the filling in the center of your wrapper, use your finger to lightly wet the edges of the wrapper so it sticks when folded. Fold each side over the filling and lightly pinch the edges to seal. Repeat until all the filling is used.

Let's fry! I just use a pan or pot to do a shallow fry. Heat your oil until hot (I use a small piece of an extra spring roll wrapper to test if the oil is hot enough). Add in 4-5 at a time and turn until both sides are golden brown. Remove and let cool then serve with your favorite dipping sauce (sweet chili sauce is my fav) or without. Either way, they're delicious! You may have a few casualties during the frying process, it happens (I sometimes lose 3-4). Do I still eat the fried wrapper with barely any filling? Yes, yes I do.

Aunty Angie (who originally made a variation of this recipe that inspired my version) approves of these yummy little bites for many reasons. Mushrooms are an excellent source of b-vitamins. Fun fact - if you put your mushrooms out in the sun for a little while they'll actually get richer in vitamin d as they create more! B-vitamins are synergistic, meaning they work together, & white mushrooms have 4 out of the 8 b-vitamins while cremini and portobello have 6 out of the 8. Also lots of research has been done and is beine done on their anti-cancer properties. Onions (like garlic) are a part of the lily family and has a lot of the same benefits. They're rich in sulfur compounds that aid in liver detoxification & are a great source of vitamin c. Onions are an excellent source of quercetin - a bioflavonoid that is a potent antioxidant and a natural anti-histamine so they're good for allergies! So to keep it simple, you can feel good about indulging in these fried little bites with your little one!

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