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Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Pizza is one of those meals I can eat anytime of the day -breakfast, lunch, dinner or like these tasty bites, a snack. You can whip them up & serve them to your hungry toddler (& husband/partner) in about 20 minutes! All you need is...

1 container of crescent dough

1 small can of tomato paste

cheese (whatever your preference, I used cheddar)

pizza toppings of your choice (I used spinach, pepperoni and black olives)

The beauty of this recipe is you can customize it to your child's favorite pizza toppings. Havana LOVES olives so I went olive heavy on mine. Simply grease your muffin tin (I like to use melted butter or olive oil) then cut your crescent dough into circles to fit the tin and lightly press them in (you can also just cut into squares if you're not picky about the form). Add a little sprinkle of cheese on the bottom layer, this prevents the dough from getting soggy. Then add in a little tomato paste (I mix mine with a little water to get a runnier consistency), add more cheese, your pizza toppings & you're good to go!

Pop them into the oven at med/low heat and cook until golden brown (roughly 8-10 minutes), let them cool & enjoy!

Depending on the toppings you use, your little one will get different nutritional benefits. But Aunty Angie did let me know the benefits of tomato paste! It's an excellent source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant shown to be extremely protective against cancers. You can actually get up to 5 times as much lycopene from tomato paste as you do from raw tomatoes. Cooking actually helps the lycopene release from the tomato's cells. Bonus tip: eating tomatoes (or any lycopene source) with oil (ie. olive oil) can help improve it's absorption! See, even when you don't know it, you're providing your family with nutritional goodness! :)

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