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Fresh Chai

Sometimes you need a little something that's just for the adults (although Havana has taken many sips out of my chai and I don't feel guilty about it). As a mama I am all about my caffeine and this simple chai recipe is perfect for that daily caffeine boost, plus it's loaded with the benefits of some yummy indian spices! No need to go down to your local coffee shop when the chai craving hits, you can easily make it at home! You'll need...

*Indian spices are easy to find at most grocery stores or specialty stores (fresh is always best!)

1-2 Orange Pekoe teabags

roughly 8-10 cardamom pods

about 10 cloves

1/2 tsp of fennel seeds

a pinch of cinnamon

about 1/2 cup of milk/oat mylk/cream (whatever your preference)

3 cups of water

Now feel free to tweak this recipe depending on your flavour preference & how much you're making (the above recipe is good for about 3 cups). In a mortar & pestle (if you have one, otherwise just give the spices a good bash) roughly blend the cardamom, clove and fennel seeds, you just want to slightly break open the cardamom pods and break down the cloves & fennel so they release their flavour & benefits while boiling.

In a pot add the water, teabags, clove, cardamom and fennel and bring to a boil. Let it gently boil for about 5 minutes then add your milk & cinnamon and continue to gently boil for another 3 minutes or so.

Strain the tea into your cup and add sugar if you'd like (I like my tea a little sweet so I add 1 tsp of brown sugar). Then sit back, sip & enjoy - see wasn't that easy?

Aunty Angie has the breakdown of some of the amazing benefits of these yummy spices! Cardamom can ease indigestion, colic & nausea and can clear phlegm from the nose, sinuses and chest. This amazing little pod also relieves tension & anxiety (which mama doesn't have that!) and bonus they also freshen your breath, my Papa in England used to chew the seeds :) Just like cardamom, cloves helps to aid digestion. It's also an antimicrobial which kills bacteria & parasites. Fennel seeds are also an amazing little vessel of goodness that helps to aid in digestion. So you can feel good about taking a little break to enjoy a good cup of chai.

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