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Chia & Hemp Overnight Oats

I know everyone & their mama knows how to make overnight oats BUT I feel like this recipe is a great way to sneak in a bunch of nutrients for your little one. I make mine in individual mason jars to take to work, eat in the car, or just to give you a little break from cooking the next morning. Super easy & super quick, all you'll need is...

1 cup of rolled oats

1 cup of oat mylk

1 tsp peanut butter (I use Mumgry because she's local, amazing and just delicious!)

1 handful of chia seeds

A sprinkling of hemp hearts

A dash of cinnamon

A handful of chopped berries

2-3 large tablespoons of yogurt (I use Yoggu because they're local and use coconut rather than dairy!)

Make oatmeal as you usually do (i use hot water till they're a little soft and then add in the oat mylk. I find when Oats sit overnight they really soak in all the moisture so I add extra liquid so it's not 'gummy' in the morning. Mix in the chia seeds, cinnamon and peanut butter and then pour into the mason jar. Top with yogurt, hemp hearts, berries & voila! I like to drizzle mine with a little honey but you're not supposed to give your little one honey until after they're 1 so skip that for them. Adjust the recipe as needed for your family.

The beauty of overnight oats is you can easily adjust to what you have in your pantry/fridge! Blueberries, bananas, nutmeg, vanilla... go wild.

Aunty Angie is all about the oats, they're a good source of magnesium and have lots of soluble fiber. They're also higher in protein & fat than most other grains. For my nursing mamas, oats are great for helping with your milk production (I'm still nursing Havana so I like to incorporate oats daily if I can!) Hemp hearts are a fav addition as well because they're a complete source of plant based protein and are rich in iron (which baby needs plenty of), vitamin b6 & folate.

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