The Story

I’m a mama to a beautiful 2 year old girl named Havana Ocean (The Minnie to my Mickey -a nickname I’ve had since I was a kid!) but I’ve been surrounded by kids my whole life. Between me & my husband we have 14 nieces & nephews (Although I should say mainly nieces, there’s only 2 boys in there!) So cooking for kids is nothing new to me! 

Cooking has always been a hobby of mine, I grew up watching my mama prepare us delicious meals & now I get to re-create those moments with my own daughter. She’s half east indian and half congolese so FLAVOUR is huge in this household. So if you’re wanting a simple steamed sweet potato mash recipe, I got you BUT there will always be a twist added. Curried Lentils, Green Eggs, Plantain, Eggplant Parm… my baby eats it all and you can easily recreate all these recipes! 

These aren’t all just for baby, I make this food for the whole family. It’s delicious, nutritious & overall just fun! I don’t claim to be a professional chef or dietician. My sister, Angie is a Holistic Nutritionist so you’ll see me refer to her tips quite a bit as she’s got that proper info we all need to keep our mind, body & gut happy! 

To simply put it, I’m just a mama who likes to feed her family. Thank you for checking me out & enjoying this ride with me!

xo Mickey